Wholesale Cigar Distributor

“A-ha!” moment came when we saw how many businesses were trying to sell cigars, but they did not have a wholesale cigar program. Almost immediately, we have become the industry standard for cigar vendors due to our cigar expertise, and our hands-on service approach.
If you are in need of a cigar vendor for a casino, resort, golf course, country club, grocery store, or gourmet shop, your search should stop right here!  Over 100 distinct businesses now enjoy successful cigar sales because of their partnership with Coastal Cigars.  Our wholesale cigar programs can be found in:

  • Casinos
  • Grocery Stores
  • Resorts
  • Golf Courses
  • Hotels
  • Private Clubs

I’d sell cigars – I just don’t
want to be in the cigar business…

This is the sentiment of many businesses we encounter. What sets Coastal
Cigars apart in the cigar industry is that we are responsible for the
maintenance and merchandising of the humidor, so that all you have to
do is reap the benefits!

Route Managers are a vital part of the Coastal
Cigars family and routinely visit each of our locations. Your cigars will
be hand delivered for placement and each time we inspect and maintain
our humidors and product. This insures our cigars are kept at the proper
humidity, ensuring excellent flavor and freshness.

We schedule deliveries based on how quickly
your business moves product, so you will never have to worry about notifying
us when you are in need of service. After years of retail and wholesale
experience, we are keenly aware of how to best move and maintain a sensitive
product and will help you establish the best selection and quantities
specific to your business.

Our outstanding customer service will make
your humidor a profit center, not a hassle.

Please contact us if you are interested in placing a humidor.
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