MSNBC’s White House Correspondent’s Dinner After Party

Attending the White House Correspondent’s Dinner After Party hosted by MSNBC at the Italian Embassy is a pretty amazing Saturday night.  We were privileged to roll cigars for their celebrity guests which included Sean Penn, Sarah and Bristol Palin, Jane Lynch, Rosario Dawson, John Legend and a lot of the Saturday Night Live cast. Rachel Maddow was the celebrity bartender and Cee-lo performed his hits.  Thank you to Amy and Eric for bringing us on board for this event.

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Steps outside, Dave Brown and his wife Lee Deas-Brown of Coastal Cigars were heading up the Johnnie Walker Cigar Tent. Although Brown technically resides in South Carolina, his cigar-making business has allowed him to roll his way into parties all across the country including Chris Samuels’ retirement party, a wedding at Paula Deen’s residence, and a party for Bad Boy Records, to name a few. Brown makes all his cigars by hand, and he pre-rolled 350 for the MSNBC event (through he was still rolling feverishly throughout the night to keep up with demand).

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