Cigar Events

Cigar Events

Are you ready to offer your guests more than a cheese display and wine bar? We understand that event planners are looking for “that something special.”

Hand-rolled cigars serve as an additional level of entertainment you can add to your next wedding, corporate gathering, golf tournament, or celebrity affair. Our handmade cigars are made in the Cuban tradition, and our cigar rollers are known for being interactive and professional.  Special events allow us to fully create the elegant atmosphere associated with cigars.

Cigar Rolling

Our rolling events are becoming the amenity of choice for many event planners. They add a touch of class to any function, whether it is a corporate occasion, wedding, or golf outing. During a rolling event, participants witness the final stages of cigar creation, which takes over six months from start to finish. The experience is heightened by guests then smoking the finished product!

Everyone on our staff is ready to roll the perfect cigar with a great attitude… we understand that customer service to your guests is key.

Cigar Girls

Now you can take your guests back to the days of the Model T, speakeasies and flappers. The Roaring Twenties was one of the most exciting and colorful decades in our history. Cigarette girls created an aura of elegance as they drifted about prominent social gatherings serving cigarettes to guests.

Coastal Cigars has reinvented the cigarette girl concept…Coastal Cigar Girls will have vintage carrying trays and most importantly personality! A classic element that is a perfect complement to our Cigar Roller – this unique amenity is great for casino nights, wedding receptions or any other event needing an extra touch of glamour.

Cigar Tents

Available for any type of gathering, the Coastal Cigars staff will come to your event with cigars of your choosing, all the necessary smoking tools, and a wealth of stories and knowledge about tobacco and cigars. Guests will pick from a range of premium handmade cigars, and be able to learn the history of each brand as they are smoking it.

Our set-up can include furniture, humidors and personalized cigar bands.

Personalized Cigar Bands

Custom Printed Cigars
Personalized Cigar Bands are perfect for corporate gifts, events, or weddings. Each band is custom made with your logo or artwork. You can order any of our name brand cigars or our house cigar Carlos Villa. We have used personalized bands for celebrity parties, such as football players and rock stars. Many of our events use the custom bands to brand their logo on our hand rolled cigars. It’s a perfect way to create a custom cigar.

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